"My goal as a Portrait Artist Painter is to create

a timeless masterpiece, a work of art for whoever it may be.

I am motivated and insist on every commission to be the highest and most aesthetic quality possible. A painting is never complete, and it's only up to the artist to decide when! 

I continually look over and over my work in progress and continue to refine it, make changes by continually walking away from the canvas, sometimes for days enabling me to look at it with in a new unit of time with a fresh eye and evaluate it's progress. I judge it's completion when I fall in love with each painting and feel it's now part of my family and feel hesitant to part with it...then I know it's finished...but reluctantly always do part ways!  At that point I then get enormous pleasure from the clients emotions and validation upon their first gaze when first sliding it from the crate...I want you to experience great pleasure from my creativity, by owning a museum quality work of art that you will be proud of each time you gaze for many years to come...

and that's my motivation!!!"...DICK ZIMMERMAN


Now accepting a limited number of commissions worlwide. For detailed information or to  inquire about commissioning a Masterpiece Oil Painting call 800-781-8227

Dick Zimmerman's Painting Techniques

After you have scheduled your portrait sitting, Dick Zimmerman who is also a world

renown photographer will first travel to the location of your choice US or abroad.

He will design, coordinate and supervise every aspect of the portrait sitting to make it a very pleasant experience for all the participants in the composition. The actual sitting will take 4-5 hours where

Dick Zimmerman will apply his world famous photographic techniques to the composition. The amount of time for the adults required in the composition will be 1 hour and for children under 5 years about 10 minutes The photographs will then be used as his reference material throughout the painting process which

will then be created in his east coast Florida studio.

The completed painting will be ready for framing in 3 months from the day of the portrait sitting,

then crated and shipped.

Imagine.....having a Masterpiece Painting of the highest Artistic quality, Unique and Impressive, that magically captures the best look of emotion and "essential beingness" in a fleeting instant of perfection preserving that moment in time  forever, unchanging as it graces your wall enhancing your surroundings for family and friends to admire. The painting combines Zimmerman's old master techniques with his unique contemporary style with vivid colors

and unique design that creates a priceless Masterpiece that you will be very

proud to own, valued, and cherished for generations to come.



 "I am always open to explore the possibilities of changers is my viewpoint & experimentation of a new direction and approach to creativity"