After you have scheduled your portrait sitting,

Dick Zimmerman who is also a world renown photographer will first travel to the location of your choice, US or abroad. He will then design, coordinate and supervise every aspect of the composition and sitting to make sure it is a pleasant experience for all the participants in the composition. The actual time spent in your home will take 4-5 hours. The adults would require approximately one hour in front of the camera and the children under 5 years old about 10 minutes. The photograph will then be used as Dick's reference material throughout the painting process which will then be created in his East coast Tampa Studio. The completed painting will be ready for framing in 3 months from the day of the portrait sitting. As we are also affiliated with our wholesale framing facilities, we will help you select the correct frame that complements your painting and works with your home decor. What's last is the crating, shipping, ...and the exciting unveiling!!!,  

Imagine...Having a Masterpiece Painting of the highest artistic quality, Unique and impressive, that magically captures the best look of emotion and "essential beingness" in a fleeting instant of perfection preserving that moment on time forever, unchanging as it graces your wall enhancing your everyday surroundings for family and friends to admire. The painting combines Zimmerman's old master techniques with his unique contemporary style, with vivid colors and unique composition and design that creates a priceless masterpiece that you will be very proud to own, valued and cherished for generations to come!

Dick Zimmerman is considered to be the complete portrait Artist!
His unique and refined technology in Oil Portraiture captures and enhances the essence of the subject's being. He refers to it as "capturing the subtleties of the soul."

His paintings communicate life and energy whether it being a Family Portrait, Child Portraiture, a CEO or any important event that's
captured in a preservation of a moment in time.

Dick Zimmerman is the ONLY Portrait Artist in the world having

achieved international fame by also being recognized as a

world accomplished photographer creating iconic images such as

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album portrait, as well as being commissioned

by Salvador Dali and wife Gala to create their 50th wedding anniversary portrait. Zimmerman will personally travel to the location of your choice, Nationally or Internationally, to your relaxed environment to first design and create the composition, leading to the completion of his Refined Studio Oil Painting.  

Dick Zimmerman PortraitureMuseum 


               "What's adds life in portraiture, is to maintain the realistic head sizes of all the subjects when ever possibl"